How it works: transparent, low commissions and financing rates, support for best price execution, and investment yield enhancement program help minimize costs to maximize investor returns on investments (ROI) by taking advantage of these four major Investment Portfolio allocation strategies.


How it works

Funding investment account is made quick and simple thanks to the tech savvy professional in the system who work round the clock to ensure that transactions are automatically processed in the system

All of the investment accounts use Bitcoin, Perfect money, USDT and Ethereum respectively.

The minimum first -time deposit all depends on the investment package you wish to start with as they all are designed to maximize profits for investors. Check the investment packages for quick understanding.

If you are registering a Co-operate investment portfolio it will require a minimum first-time deposit of 19,999 USD, in this case reserves the right to change any deposit limitations at any time.

Customers are able to withdraw funds from their accounts at any time as withdrawals are automatically processed in the system. You are as well entitle withdrawal your entire investment portfolio balance, ie both Capital deposits and Return on Investment (ROI).

Sustainability will drive returns.

Through Discretionary Strategy measures, Access yield-generating crypto-products. iMOD Trade PTE Ltd generates stable, consistent and secure returns for its investors through one structured product; Decentralised Finance (DeFi), Masternodes, Lending & Borrowing, Staking, Yield Farming, real-time blockchain trading with discretionary measures and strategies

Investing for a sustainable world

Sustainable investing is a forward-looking approach that seeks to deliver long-term returns in a fast-changing world. Addressing the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges requires bold and coordinated action from government entities, private institutions and individuals across the globe. Together, we can drive better outcomes, for today and for the future.

Insights informed by data and research

Our sustainable investing insights draw on the breadth and depth of our research platform to explore the implications of ESG risks and opportunities for investors.


The iMOD Trade understanding of the Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are increasingly used alongside traditional financial metrics to gain a better understanding of the risks linked to the sustainability of our investment strategies. iMOD Trade PTE Ltd have a well established and many ways in which these factors will be incorporated into an investment process, depending on how an investor want to align their financial objectives with their values. A notable development recently is an evolution from our investors simply focusing on mitigating ESG risks and employing exclusionary frameworks, to also considering the potential opportunities ESG investing has to offer so as to align portfolios accordingly for max profitability.